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Harbin tourism department launched a number of fine lines

Date: 2013-06-04

Heilongjiang Daily News June 4 to meet the "charming Harbin Summer" series of cultural tourism activities opening, Harbin Tourism Bureau launched a number of high-quality tourist routes, and to provide the public with 37 scenic tour information.

It is reported that these lines include day trips, day tour, peripheral connectivity travel, outbound travel from the point of view relates to the Sun Island species, wetlands such as Volga Manor swim, Phoenix Mountain, Hirayama and other summer tour, Bin Aviva village, Jia Agritourism WEIZI other tours, Jinshangjing History Museum, Heilongjiang provincial Science and Technology Museum and other cultural tour. Among them, the day tour are: Sofia (002,572, stock it) Church - Synagogue - Harbin Modern Hotel - Central Avenue - Flood Control Monument - Stalin Park; Qunli Urban Wetland Park - Music Square - Cultural Square - Kinglet south Kanto guxiang, landscapes Bookstore, Northern Arts Exhibition Centre, Thame Cadillac happy dream city; Harbin Road, Taiwan Province - China Baroque historic District - Harbin Kek Lok Si - Harbin Amusement Park; whitefish bubble wetland Park - Riverside wetlands - wetlands giant source ; Heilongjiang provincial Museum - Russian River Park - children's Park - Dragon Tower - Harbin Confucian Temple; Great Northern Wilderness (600,598, stock it) Museum - Great Northern Wilderness modern agricultural demonstration garden - Volga Manor; martyrs - provincial Academy of Agricultural Horticulture Branch - three fine pharmaceutical (600,829, stock it) - seven hundred thirty-one gallery; Jinshangjing History - Taizu Mausoleum - Jinlongshan or Song Fengshan, Hirayama; Sun Island Scenic Area - Russian style town - ice Art - Harbin Polar Museum - Heilongjiang provincial Science and Technology Museum; Taiyangdao Bund - a lake Mishima - Golden Bay Wetland Park; Siberian Tiger Park - Harbin grape Kingdom - "Lilac Island" fishery Products Leisure ecological Park. Day tour involves Volga Manor, Hirayama tourist resort, hat children mountain eco-tourism resort, Phoenix Mountain Yabuli Resort, Baran river rafting.