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Wanda Harbin City Las Vegas Carnival Carnival grand curtain

Date: 2013-07-29

July 29 - August 9, 2009, Wanda City Zaixian Bard situation, organized by the city of Harbin Wanda "Wanda luxury to enjoy the city Discovering Las Vegas - Las Vegas, Harbin City Carnival Carnival" in Wanda City Exhibition Center staged passion, this is the second Wanda Stars concert, "the history of the greatest curling" exhibition center and opening up, Wanda public offer of the city as the Bard and a carnival feast.

It is reported that, "Wanda luxury to enjoy the city Discovering Las Vegas - Las Vegas, Harbin City Carnival Carnival" in order to restore the Las Vegas casino entertainment in the form of 1:1, Wanda City Exhibition Center in the conduct of gaming entertainment , activities include six classic casino games, blackjack, poker, turntable, Sic Bo, bullfighting, etc., according to the number of credits won standard exchange gifts, participants will have the opportunity to get an LCD TV, iphone5, ipadmini other fantastic prizes, Ms. exhibition center is also a dedicated children's entertainment district, where you can fully enjoy the joy of family, in the convivial atmosphere of the city of Harbin Wanda further insight into cultural features, world-class luxury and cultural entertainment experience will once again Bard attract people's attention, Harbin City will once again become the focus of much attention Bard.

Wanda City handed down the first phase of Pu, boutique residential, scarce apartments, comprehensive identification chips!

Wanda is the city supporting the city's high-end rare, the country's largest indoor ski resort, Longjiang largest hotel group, the Northeast's largest film city, the only large-scale stage shows Northeast Northeast unique movie entertainment parks, world-class competition standard skating rink and commercial center of global brand Wanda city will become the exclusive owners living facilities, business games, fun games, shopping centers, sports grounds ...... on the home front, and fully meet the high demand for home ownership. A city of joy, is on the rise!

Along with the planned Metro Line 4, Line 5 all through the city to become worthy of the North Wanda hop core, the future new city center. In addition to supporting and regional good, Wanda Group as a world-class enterprise, business assets of 30 million yuan, annual income of 141.7 billion yuan, 20.2 billion yuan in taxes, net profit of more than 10 billion yuan. The country has 68 layout Wanda Plaza, 38 five-star hotels, 6,000 movie screens, 57 department stores, 63 hypermarkets KTV, the brand's strength is Wanda City market has been one of the main attention. Wanda City handed down the first phase of Pu, boutique residential, apartment scarcity comprehensive identification chips, Bard will bring more surprises people, opportunity not to be missed.

20000000000 heavily upgraded Big Pine North - the new center city of the future, prospects!

With the bustling big city Wanda supporting stationed Songbei so great value Songbei more clearly displayed in front of people, the city is Harbin Wanda Wanda Group developed and launched lasted four years, the world's first, the Northeast's largest cultural tourism investment projects, Wanda Harbin City for regional and urban development is of great significance. Songbei project not only promoted the rapid rise and soar, but also to make up for gaps in Harbin cultural tourism. Greatly enhance the Harbin city status. Project planning culture, tourism, commercial, hotel four major content and 5 maximum, three unique characteristics of the project, 20 million tourists every year to attract passengers, maximum daily accommodation was 100,000 passengers. Wanda Harbin City will redefine the Bard's culture, tourism, business, lifestyle centers, help Harbin become a world-class cultural tourism city.