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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Harbin Tianzhi Hotel (Tianzhi Hotel Harbin), L'hotel si trova nella zona centrale, commerciale, turistica, ricreativa e di intrattenimento, adiacente al bellissimo fiume Songhua, famoso 'Sophia Church', monumento di controllo delle inondazioni, Zhaolin Park e altri famosi punti panoramici, così come grandi centri commerciali come Macalline e Xinbai.
L'hotel ha una decorazione squisita ed elegante, una grande e luminosa lobby e uno stile architettonico eclettico europeo, che è impressionante e memorabile.Tutte le tipologie di camere calde e confortevoli, dotate di aria condizionata centralizzata, acqua calda 24-ore, frigorifero fresco, banda larga, parcheggio.L'hotel dispone di servizi perfetti, sala conferenze e ristorante di strada Macao, che vi forniscono un servizio conveniente di sola fermata di mangiare, bere, giocare e farvi sentire come un servizio completo e premuroso di 'casa lontano da casa'. È la prima scelta per il vostro viaggio d'affari, giocare e rimanere.
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Recensioni Ancora
  • ayd_19801010
    Very good hotel clean, service is very good and helpful staff at the front desk warmer next time will stay
  • comondu
    Well, next time, good service
  • fxldnp
    Worst of once accommodation, no one of, equipment old are can endure, but taste is too big has, is smelly is smelly of Khan taste, think spare are no good wash had, nausea of sleep not with sleep, and cannot check out, yihou absolute absolute not again live. free of are not live. rather far is, taxi, clean of, also not because covet little distance, on live here. bed of feel on like was two a release smell of Tahan by had left of stains as. too nausea has.
  • e00043496
    Hotels in the central street, Sofia Church, River, shopping is very convenient for Central Avenue. old natural no new hotel good facilities, but the hotels location has an absolute advantage, for the holiday are very convenient.
  • e01101084
    Old hotel facilities, location, service can be, going out is central Avenue, away from the side of the Songhua River, modern hotel very close to
  • apple1016
    Convenient location
  • freemanxx
    Photos really forget that service and and the surrounding environment are quite good, North-East of use to say, that is the leverage
  • jefng
    Conditions, but is actually a very good
  • lawron
    Breakfast is comfort
  • cusumber
    Hotel location is very good, in the middle of Central Avenue, but the outdated facilities, is an old hotel
  • buledd
    Very good location
  • scar0220
    Hotel facilities are too old!
  • elyfengying
    The old buildings, located on the Central Avenue, but the decoration of the hotel is too old
  • e02338215
    In the streets of the central location.
  • MAX air
    Rooms are too old!
  • lymaomao
    Very old hotel.
  • lolitasun
    Super satisfaction, good attitude, health and 5 star, super comfortable.
  • belinda0429
    Hotel service was very good, the girl at the front desk very friendly, great location, affordable, shopping is very convenient, highly recommended, very good
  • e01531167
    Health very poor! facilities very poor! was tone Samsung received Samsung price! room carpet dirty XI XI cannot stand! also has a unit old House of mold taste! in walk road next drive around has several circle didn't found parking! last finally into a article dead end like on both sides of stopped full car of road only came to hotel! lobby is construction mess added noise! live a night was is crash! only of highlights breakfast also clean delicious! appearance can
  • cindyyu123
    Good, convenient, where convenient
  • e01109398
    Not very satisfied with the price is expensive is also not comfortable dimly also good location on Central Avenue is relatively hard to find
  • lvyongbj
    Shopping convenience, room facilities
  • e03328138
    Hardware facilities
  • lw7308
    Bad, just bad TV effect.
  • CA181873462
    Thanks again to live,
  • batulu001
    Facility is old, insufficient room heating North
  • a695315843
    Great location convenient facilities and old but still important
  • sanpi
    It's OK
  • BOBO1118
    Overall can also
  • alextcma
    This hotel, shabby, toilet, showers are made for several decades, brush to wash all the dirt off the glass, carpet dying room stinks, room and toilet telephone is not available, room light bulb several broken, TV LCD, estimates of all other facilities is 90
  • liangweiguang
    Location very good
  • btwjx
    Good surroundings, hotel is very old, facilities are already very old.
  • pyanson
    Only one advantage is the location is very good, in the streets of Central in and out very easily can, of course, is the relationship of the old hotel, older facilities, the rooms are small, but tourism in Harbin, also is a good choice.
  • Mabruceming
    Depends on location, prices unreasonably high, but very poor. Samsung level feeling that hostel. lobby not always seat the guests sit in the chairs at all. friends, the results stood for more than an hour at the main station, we entered the room at the hotel, such as seating.
  • Jason_1986
    Hotel is very old, decoration is very old so it feels a bit dirty, bedding was clean, with bath, great location in the streets of Central, convenient shopping, Songhua River is not very far to walk, into the room, the first thing you want to check to see if a good massage slippers, so as to avoid misunderstanding!
  • e01593541
    Service poor, is poor, very poor! total Taiwan woman indifference ruthless, unreasonable bad! not a welcome bin and waiter poor, is group! not on one customer disrespect, but and almost all customer for enemy! facilities conditions very poor, management very poor! heating not hot, rain nozzle around splash water, toilet leaking, quilt dirty XI XI, rooms service phone no received listening to, no left-service, morning check out speed odd slow! this hotel also can alive to survival, was is flower!
  • ilbav
    Location is good
  • nbfree
    In addition to lots, old hotels, can only make
  • liujian163
  • baosimeng
    Hotel location is very good, the rooms are nice, price is relatively high, central street, go out, not just a few minutes into the Songhua River, is very convenient for meals, lodging, good choice.
  • lylp1982
    Very good
  • b5939358
    Hotel location was excellent, central street
  • francoisc
    Good location nice hotel facilities old TV or head ...
  • fydslmt
    In this way, the location is fine.
  • cteye
    The worst accommodation facilities dirty, service see around is a mess
  • alvita_v5
  • jyperson
    Hotel facilities, sink damaged plastic glass colors, bathroom in addition to bath no other lamps, bath-free isolation, bath full of water on the ground.
  • Daisyvip
    Service is very good, because the plane was delayed, has been left without the call to 23 points, presented to shop with the doll, because you want to go the next day, pleasant said late check out at the front desk, but no more than 1:30 and total satisfaction!
  • dellasol
    Very good location, you can recommend, next time HA HA HA!
  • peng_xue_bing
    The environment is good